How I Traveled Prior To Becoming A Travel Agent

Photo by Life Of Pix

You’ve probably heard that getting a travel agent gives you additional deals and savings. But when I first decided to start traveling, I didn’t think about going through an agent.

I knew a person who was a travel agent, but I was under the impression that you had to pay for their services. At the beginning of my journey, I wasn’t looking for anything major, or additional services that would increase my budget. I just wanted to get away.

Through Google, I started price-matching hotels based on the area I wanted to go, and the best deal came from I’m a huge fan of memberships, so I signed on and joined their genius loyalty program. At the time, there was only Level 1, which earned you a 10% discount and Level 2 which offered a 15% discount. Other rewards included free breakfast and room upgrades. They also had an affiliate program.

I’m a planner. I booked all my vacations for the year, researched hotels that fit my budget, booked the ones with rewards like breakfast, free cancellation, a pool, or fitness center. Then I let my friend know how much money she would need for each trip.

I always kept our total costs no higher than $500 each for all our California road trips which were 3–4 days, while our international trips were no more than $1500 each for 1 week.

While at first, my friend was skeptical we would be able to afford traveling every month, I was determined. Whether she went with me or not, I’d be traveling somewhere. I’m glad at that moment, I felt secure in my decision, even though that security was based on the anxiety and depression of my home and work life.

Funny enough, despite never promoting my affiliate link, I still have an active affiliate account with Booking. (click here if you want to self-book your travel).

If doing things yourself is more your style, I recommend Booking. I can honestly say I never had any issues with my reservations not being valid or price changes, unlike some other sites. Their price match if you find your same destination cheaper elsewhere, and their room upgrade feature has been a great reward for the few times I used it.

But if the idea of someone else doing all the time-consuming research appeals to you, you can book a call with me through Calendly. I’m a certified travel agent and am registered with several agent-exclusive suppliers: Virgin Voyages, Disney, Room Res, Carnival, Norwegian Cruises, and many more. Not only can I book air, hotel, and transportation, but I can also book tickets for attractions, make restuarant reservations, and talk to hotel staff on your behalf.

There’s no fee to book a call with me, not even if I book a destination for you. My commission comes directly from my Suppliers.

Whatever you decide for your travel needs is up to you. I hope you all reach out and share your thoughts, travel stories, or support by subscribing, liking, and/or leaving a comment.

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